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Friday, March 12, 2010

Council Accepting Applications from Community Members to Serve on PERA

The Council is now accepting applications from individuals interested in serving on the city’s independent police review board, the Providence External Review Authority (PERA). In February, the Council adopted an ordinance amending PERA, including restructuring the board membership. As a result, the authority has been downsized to a board size of nine (9), seven (7) of whom are appointed by the full City Council; one (1) by the Council President; and one (1) by the Mayor.

According to Councilman Miguel Luna, who chaired the special commission which recommended the ordinance amendments, the Council is seeking individuals with the following interests and experience: community outreach; state or federal law enforcement; civil rights; and/or previous work with community boards or agencies. Additionally, the candidates must comply with the following:
1) No law enforcement officer nor any member of his or her family may serve on PERA;
2) Must be a Providence resident; and
3) Must not have any pending complaints against the Providence Police Department.

Luna also noted that the positions are volunteer and do not provide compensation. “We’re looking for individuals who are interested in serving their community.” 

Notices have been placed in local newspapers and online. The Council is asking candidates to reply by March 31st.