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Friday, June 18, 2010

Council Passes Extended Producer Responsibility Resolution

On Thursday, June 17, the Providence City Council passed a resolution supporting efforts to institute Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) measures at the state level and calling on the Department of Public Works to establish EPR policies within the City of Providence. EPR is designed to ensure that those who make products that are hazardous to the environment or are costly to properly dispose of bear the costs of recycling or disposing of those products.

“EPR is based on a common sense principle: companies will design with recycling in mind if they are required to take back their products and recycle them,” said Ward One Councilman Seth Yurdin, the sponsor of the resolution. “EPR mandates that those who pollute pay for their pollution and relieves cities and towns from the often expensive cost of disposing of hazardous items.”

The resolution was passed unanimously by the Committee on Public Works on June 10th and has received strong support from environmental groups, such as Clean Water Action, and from the Department of Public Works. “In passing this resolution, the City Council has moved Providence closer to the goal of environmental sustainability, while saving valuable taxpayer dollars,” said Yurdin.