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Statement From City Council President David A. Salvatore Regarding Senate President Ruggerio’s Proposed I-195 Legislation

I respectfully disagree with Senate President Ruggerio that the City is standing in the way of any developer trying to build on the former I-195 land, which runs along the downtown corridor of Providence.

The City Council is pro-economic development and pro-growth, and I think the development happening downtown speaks to that very notion. It’s important to grow our local tax base without having to raise taxes, and that’s what we are doing here in Providence.

We spent a great deal of effort and taxpayer dollars in working with the City Plan Commission to create a master plan for our City that moves Providence forward while respecting our storied history.  Since my first term in office, I have been a strong advocate for a more transparent and predictable climate for developers. This City Plan Commissions’ master plan achieves those goals of transparent and predictable development.

This process around Hope Point Tower has been both public and transparent.  For every city of our size that is growing, these are the same qualities that have led to success and improved quality of life for residents.


President David A. Salvatore, Providence City Council