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Statement From City Council President David A. Salvatore

It is ironic that individuals who sat idly by while colleagues used their City Council and campaign accounts as personal piggy banks suddenly feel the need to spring into action. There are members of the City Council who support a culture of corruption, and they owe the residents of Providence an explanation and an apology. 

I should not have raised my voice to Councilwoman Castillo. However, I will not apologize for feeling passionately that women and minorities should have a much greater stake in our city's business dealings. I am disgusted that my colleagues would rather take cheap shots at me instead of taking action on important issues 

Last night, I told Councilwomen Matos, Ryan and Castillo that they were playing politics, and they should be ashamed. I stand by that. We all, as elected officials, should be embarrassed that in a majority-minority city, where women make up approximately half the population, participation by minority- and women-owned businesses in city dealings is a paltry two percent.

I think we can see this for what it really is: a thinly veiled political attack and power grab. The false outrage generated by some political opponents is insincere and overwrought. The same councilors criticizing me for my tone also stood by and supported those under criminal indictment. The political motivation behind their exaggerated outrage is transparent. I will continue to advocate for this critical issue. 

Councilwoman Matos owes the residents of Providence an apology for her failure to take any action when she saw corruption happening in the City Council, and for continuing to support the people she knows are corrupt. Where were her calls for apologies when her cronies, Councilmen Aponte and Jackson, were under criminal indictment? When one of them pleaded guilty and is now facing jail time, or when they racked up tens of thousands of dollars in campaign fines? Where was her leadership when it mattered?


David A. Salvatore, City Council President - Councilman, Ward 14