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Welcome to the Providence City Council website.

Here you will find information about the activities and initiatives of the legislative branch of Providence’s government. From Council meetings to neighborhood meetings, the members of the City Council are committed to taking action to improve the quality of life for every Providence resident.

Providence has vast cultural, artistic, and historical assets, which the Council seeks to enhance as we move forward, conducting the business of the people with integrity, transparency, and efficiency.

We encourage you to get involved in your community, and to make your voices heard by your elected officials on the Council. We are here to serve.

Providence City Council


PROVIDENCE, RI – April 10, 2018 - The Providence City Clerk’s Department has launched a new online service, in conjunction with RI.gov, that simplifies the process of how new business tradenames are managed, searched and tracked by the City and its constituents. However, the new system does not yet allow for online tradename registration, and businesses will still be required to register their tradename in the City Clerk’s office.


“Making business easier in Providence is a top priority for the City Council,” stated City Council President David A. Salvatore. “Under my leadership, the Council wants to ensure that Providence is a transparent and welcoming place to do business, and I believe the new Tradename Service is a step in that direction.”


The service replaces an antiquated system that struggled to facilitate over 50,000 tradenames registered in the City, with more than 450 new tradenames being registered annually. In addition to an improvement over features that the old system provided, the Tradename Service now offers city clerks with better user management and improved reporting tools.


“Our department is excited to take full advantage of the efficiencies offered by the new Tradename Service,” said Lori Hagen, Providence City Clerk. “We believe that this service will provide a transparent and positive end-to-end user experience.”


The service is not only beneficial to Providence clerks. For the first time, entrepreneurs can now visit https://www.ri.gov/app/providence/tradename to browse all existing registered tradenames in the capital city to ensure that their new business name is unique.


“Many times, prospective applicants come to register a business name, only to discover that a similar name already exists in the city,” Hagen said. “With access to this information beforehand, applicants will be able to more effectively differentiate themselves from other businesses.”


The Tradename Service was developed at no cost to taxpayers in partnership with the state’s digital government services provider, Rhode Island Interactive. The service is part of the popular suite of online services currently available through RI.gov (https://www.RI.gov).


About the City Clerk


The City Clerk operates under auspices of the City Council and is the official repository for all ordinances, resolutions and official documents related to the government of the City of Providence and responsible for the authenticity of all legal documents.  In addition, the City Clerk collects and presents to the City Council all petitions concerning abandonments and easements, personal injury and automobile or property damage, as well as certificates of Assumed Business Name and Going Out of Business.


About RI.gov


RI.gov is Rhode Island’s homepage and official Website (www.ri.gov), a collaborative effort between the state of Rhode Island and Rhode Island Interactive.  The RI.gov site and services are developed and maintained by Rhode Island Interactive, a wholly owned subsidiary of the eGovernment firm NIC (NASDAQ: EGOV).


About NIC

Founded in 1992, NIC Inc. (NASDAQ: EGOV) is celebrating 25 years as the nation’s premier provider of innovative digital government solutions and secure payment processing, which help make government interactions more accessible for everyone through technology. The family of NIC companies has developed a library of more than 12,000 digital government services for more than 4,500 federal, state, and local government agencies. Among these solutions is the ground-breaking digital government personal assistant, Gov2Go, delivering citizens personalized reminders and a single access point for government interactions. More information is available at www.egov.com.





PROVIDENCE, RI (April 4, 2018)…Providence Municipal Court trials scheduled on Thursday, April 5, 19, & 26, 2018, at 5:00 pm regarding portable camera unit violations have been continued, and defendants will receive a notice in the mail of a new trial date.


The Office of the City Solicitor has filed a motion for continuance of Municipal Court trials currently scheduled for April concerning these violations in deference to litigation pending in Federal Court. 


Associate Judge Daniel P. McKiernan granted the motion to continue the trials.


Arraingments or initial appearances for Portable Camera Unit Violations are still being heard.





Providence, RI (March 9, 2018) – Council President David A. Salvatore, joined by all members of the City Council, will introduce a resolution calling for a full review of the city’s portable speed enforcement camera program.


“We have heard from our constituents regarding their valid concerns related to aggressive driving throughout our city. The goal of the portable speed enforcement camera program is to make Providence safer, and I fully support its intended use as a traffic-calming measure and to deter speeding in school zones. However, this should not be construed as a money-making operation for the city,” said Council President David A. Salvatore. “We have a responsibility to our residents and visitors that public safety measures are implemented fairly, openly and without causing unreasonable hardship.” 


Council President Salvatore and members of the City Council will review the portable speed enforcement camera program as well as its related components, including but not limited to the notification process and schedule of fines, fine amount, speed camera hours of operation, signage, and education rollout.





Providence, RI (March 9, 2018) – Providence City Councilman Nicholas  J. Narducci Jr. (Ward 4), will be introducing a resolution at the March 15 City Council meeting asking the City to redirect a portion of the revenue generated from the 11 Speed Cameras deployed throughout the city to go towards school safety initiatives.


“I’m supportive of the City’s installation of the speed cameras,” stated Senior Deputy Majority Leader Nicholas J. Narducci Jr. “Yet, I want us to ensure that we are being thoughtful about proper signage and ensuring that the tickets are not overly burdensome for our constituents. With that said, these cameras are placed around our schools, and with the City bringing in over $600K in revenues it would be a great opportunity to redirect some of those funds for school safety initiatives.”


The City plans to install a total of 15 cameras across the city.  Currently, 11 have been deployed, and all are operational.