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Welcome to the Providence City Council website.

Here you will find information about the activities and initiatives of the legislative branch of Providence’s government. From Council meetings to neighborhood meetings, the members of the City Council are committed to taking action to improve the quality of life for every Providence resident.

Providence has vast cultural, artistic, and historical assets, which the Council seeks to enhance as we move forward, conducting the business of the people with integrity, transparency, and efficiency.

We encourage you to get involved in your community, and to make your voices heard by your elected officials on the Council. We are here to serve.

Providence City Council


The Providence City Council will consider a resolution that would authorize a lawsuit against the State of Rhode Island to recover motor vehicle tax reimbursements that were due the city on February 1, 2010, but have been withheld by the state, according to City Council Majority Leader Terrence M. Hassett. 

Councilman John J. Lombardi (Ward 13) sent a letter to Superintendent Thomas Brady last week outlining concerns regarding the Facilities Master Plan, which will affect several schools in his ward.  

 Attorney to be Hired to Fight Mayor's Court Challenge

The recent veto by Mayor David Cicilline to scrap reform of the Providence External Review Authority, the civilian review board created by the Providence City Council to investigate complaints against the police, will likely be overridden at a special meeting of the council this Thursday, according to City Council Majority Leader Terrence M. Hassett.

Mayor/City Solicitor act to stymie reform through lawsuit and veto

Following the City Council’s successful passage of legislation enacting substantial reforms of Providence’s board responsible for civilian oversight of the Police Department (Providence External Review Authority or PERA), the City Solicitor on Friday filed a civil lawsuit in Superior Court challenging the structure of the original 2002 ordinance, which created PERA. Today, Mayor David N. Cicilline vetoed the new PERA ordinance, which the Council passed 10 days ago.