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Providence City Council


Providence, RI (January 18, 2018) – Council President David A. Salvatore is pleased to announce that Gina Costa has been elected as the City’s new Internal Auditor. This marks the first time that a woman has been appointed to this position in the history of Providence. Ms. Costa takes over the role from Matthew Clarkin Jr., who retired earlier this month.


Gina is the perfect choice for this position,” stated Council President David A. Salvatore. “She has worked in the Internal Auditor’s office since 2015 and understands the important and complex role this position plays in support of our city. And, on the same evening my equal pay ordinance passed its first reading by the Council, it is gratifying to know that the Providence City Council isn’t just talking the talk – we are actively trying to engage a diverse, well-rounded staff.”


“I wholeheartedly agree that Gina Costa is uniquely qualified for the position of Internal Auditor for the City of Providence,” said Council Majority Leader John J. Igliozzi. “Gina has a proven track record of effective financial management at the city level, and I know that she will lead the office with integrity.”


Ms. Costa comes to the position with 17 years of experience with the City of Providence, having served as an auditor/budget analyst in the Internal Auditor’s office since 2015.  Previously, she spent over a decade managing the fiscal operations for the Department of Public Safety in Providence. 


“The Internal Auditor plays an important role in the city’s fiscal well-being, and I’m truly grateful and honored to be appointed to this position,” stated Gina Costa, the newly-appointed Internal Auditor. “I appreciate the support and confidence this Council has in me by providing me with this opportunity.”


The Office of the Internal Auditor independently promotes ethical, efficient and effective governance for the citizens of Providence. The Internal Auditor provides the City Council with objective analyses, appraisals, and recommendations for improvements to the city’s budgets, systems, and activities.


Providence, RI (January 18, 2018) – Council President David A. Salvatore’s Equal Pay ordinance passed its first reading tonight. The Ordinance prohibits employers from asking potential candidates for their past pay history, aiming to end the systematic discrimination of women being paid less than their male counterparts in Providence.


“If two equally capable people are doing the same job, it is reasonable to expect that they should earn the same salary. However, according to data from the U.S. Census, sadly that is not the case: women in  the United States earn about 84 cents for every dollar their male counterparts are paid,” said Providence City Council President David A. Salvatore. “This ordinance sends a strong message that in Providence, we are all equal.”


Council President Salvatore’s ordinance makes it unlawful for any employer to inquire about a prospective employee’s compensation history, require disclosures of compensation history, condition employment or consent of interview for employment on disclosure of compensation history, or retaliate against a prospective employee for failing to comply with any compensation history inquiry.


Any employer or employment agency that violates this ordinance will be liable to the individual affected for damages incurred, as well as punitive damages.  Those affected can seek damages in court, and the City Solicitor may also bring suit against violators to collect damages on behalf of the affected individuals.


In June of 2017, Council President Salvatore introduced a resolution to establish the Providence Equal Pay Task Force within the Providence Human Relations Commission.  This seven-member panel is charged to promote equal pay for equal work through studying best practices from other municipalities, collecting data from City contractors and departments, and making policy recommendations to the Mayor and the City Council. In early January, the Task Force shared an interim annual report with the City Council and plan to have their full report with recommendations completed by the end of 2018.


The ordinance was passed on its first reading and will require a second reading and passage to become law.



 Councilman Nicholas Narducci of Ward 4 gave his thanks today to long time city employee Linda Callei-Fraioli who celebrated her retirement today. Linda is retiring from her position of Ground Office Manager at city owned North Burial Ground. 






Providence, RI (January 2, 2018) – Councilman Nicholas J. Narducci Jr. is urging the Providence Zoning Board of Review not to approve a special use permit requested for 67 Batcheller Avenue for a proposed compassion center/marijuana dispensary. 


“I want to be very clear, I’m not opposed to compassion centers,” stated Councilman Nicholas J. Narducci Jr. “I’m only opposed to this specific site because its location is almost completely surrounded by family homes. I realize that this area is zoned for commercial enterprise, but this is not the right place for a compassion center. I hope the zoning review board will consider my concerns when they meet next week.”


Donovan Obair LLC and SEACAP Holdings RI I, LLC have submitted an application for a Special Use Permit from the Providence Zoning Board of Review for the operation of a Compassion Center/Cultivation Center for medical cannabis at 67 Bacheller Avenue.  The Zoning Board of Review will be meeting on January 10, 2018, at 5:30 pm at 444 Westminster Avenue, in the first-floor conference room to vote on the matter then.


For more information, please contact the City Council office at 401-521-7477.