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Welcome to the Providence City Council website.

Here you will find information about the activities and initiatives of the legislative branch of Providence’s government. From Council meetings to neighborhood meetings, the members of the City Council are committed to taking action to improve the quality of life for every Providence resident.

Providence has vast cultural, artistic, and historical assets, which the Council seeks to enhance as we move forward, conducting the business of the people with integrity, transparency, and efficiency.

We encourage you to get involved in your community, and to make your voices heard by your elected officials on the Council. We are here to serve.

Providence City Council


The Providence City Council will tonight bestow the City’s first municipal medals upon several members of the Providence Fire Department for extraordinary acts of bravery.  

Providence City Council President Luis Aponte issued the following statement in response to news that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island intends to relocate employees to East Providence.

In response to an incident involving 50 ATVs that swarmed a public park over the holiday weekend, Councilman Michael Correia (Ward Six) is calling on the Providence Police Department to increase its presence in the Manton area and enforce laws that prohibit the operation of recreational vehicles in public spaces (Ordinance No. 2015-5, § 1, 4-13-15, “Article VII – Snowmobiles and Recreational Vehicles”). 

The Providence City Council Committee on Ordinances tonight approved passage of the Community Safety Act (CSA), a community-driven, comprehensive ordinance that codifies into law best practices in police conduct from around the country.