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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Luna Sponsors Resolution Supporting Anti-War Rally, Calls for Re-investment of Military Spending in Local Communities

At last night’s meeting of the Providence City Council, Miguel Luna (Ward Nine) introduced a resolution encouraging Rhode Islanders to attend the United National Anti-War Committee’s rally in New York City this Saturday, April 9th.

“For the last ten years, our nation has been bogged down in wars that have cost more than a hundred of thousand of lives and more than a trillion dollars, yet still have not achieved their stated goals,” said Luna. “All the while, here at home we have faced a foreclosure crisis, one of the worst recessions in history, and now, an unprecedented fiscal emergency.”

The councilman pointed to statistics that showing that Rhode Islanders have paid more than $5 billion in taxes toward war spending and residents of Providence alone have contributed more than $533 million.

“Had that money had not been spent on futile wars, we wouldn’t be discussing school closings and teacher firings,” said Luna. “With that $533 million, we could pay the salary of every Providence public school teacher for the next three years, close this year’s budget deficit, and still have $61 million left over.”